MRC's Activities 2004

International Festival, Fort Wayne, Indiana


March 12, 2004

The Monland Restoration Council (MRC) was invited to participate in the International Festival at the Fame Center of Fort Wayne on March 12, 4004. At the Festival, MRC displayed Mon historical pictures, Mon dresses, and Mon products from Monland (lower Burma). The picture shows Nai Vi Mon explaining to guests about Mon culture and history of Mon people. 

Mon Literacy Training in Summer 2004















Picture 1


Picture 2

May 22, 2004

     On May 22, 2004, Mon Education and Literature Committee of MRC opened ceremony for teaching Mon literature at Mon Buddhist Temple in Fort Wayne, Indiana. Every year Mon Education and Literature Committee led by Nai Thet Lwin taught Mon literature to Mon school children and adults from May to August. About 70-80 students enrolled the training. Most of them were young children age between four and eighteen. The picture 1 is shown the Mon school children in the classroom, and the picture 2 is shown the opening ceremony of Summer Mon Literature Class. 



MRC met with U.S. representative

January 7, 2004

           Nai Mon Jit, the secretary general of MRC and Nai Kun Yekha, CC member, met with Mr. Mark Pfunstein, from the U.S. Congressman office of Fort Wayne at Mon Buddhist Temple in Fort Wayne, Indiana to discuss situations of Mon refugees in Thailand. MRC urged Pfunstein to bring more Mon refugees to the U.S. In 2004, The U.S. decided to take 2000 Burmese refugees in Thailand to the U.S.  


MRC attended Mon leader dialogue meeting at the Thai-Burma

May 15-17, 2004

Nai Pon Nya Mon, the chairman of MRC and Nai Bannya Dean, the patron of MRC attended Mon leadership dialogue at the Thai-Burma border. Totally, about 20 Mon leaders from various Mon organizations from both inside and outside attended the meeting. The meeting discussed Mon national affairs as well as condemned SPDC's national convention due to excluding main political party, the NLD.