The Fifth Conference of Monland Restoration Council










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December, 25 &26

MRC held its fifth conference in Fort Wayne, Indiana. In the conference, MRC widely discussed the future of its activities and Mon national affair in Burma. The conference was successful completed on December 26,1998.

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51st Anniversary of Mon National Day


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January 31, 1998

Monland Restoration Council celebrates the 51st anniversary of Mon National Day in Fort Wayne, Indiana. There about 100 people from various nationalities including Burmese, Laotian, Vietnam and American, joined the celebration. The celebration is started by the saluting of Mon national flag and followed by the entertainment of Mon traditional dance and music. 

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10st Anniversary of 8-8-8-8 Uprising

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August 8,1998

 A group of Monland Restoration Council's members peacefully demonstrates in front of Burmese embassy in Washington D.C. On this special  memorial day, MRC strongly condemn Burmese military regime for its human rights abuse in Monland. Click here for statement.

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Arco Shareholder Meeting in Los Angeles

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Photo: Ven. Sandima and an Burmese activist is demonstrating in front of Arco headquarters in L.A.

February, 22, 1998,

Venerable Sandima, the director of Monland Restoration Council, attended the Unocal shareholder meeting in Los Angeles. In the meeting, he explained how Arco investment related to  human rights abuses in Burma. Arco is one of US oil companies invested in Burma. However, because of pressure from Burmese human rights activists and NGOs, ARCO pulled out of Burma August 11,1998.


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MRC attends UNPO Conference in Geneva

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On March, 14, 1998, Nai Pon Nya Mon, the chairman of MRC and representative of  Mon Unity League attended Unrepresented Nations and Peoples Organization in Geneva Switzerland. Mon is one of UNPO members.  The following day of the conference, Nai Pon Nya Mon also attended the UN meeting at the UN building in Geneva to discuss indigenous people issue in Geneva. Click here to know more about UNPO.


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Cultural Show at Indiana-Purdue University of Fort Wayne


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On March 22, 1998, MRC participated in cultural show at Indiana-Purdue University at Fort Wayne (IPFW), Indiana. On the cultural show, MRC presented Mon traditional dance and displayed Mon traditional dresses. People from various countries showed their cultures as well


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