53rd Anniversary of Mon National Day

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On the February 20, 2000, Monland Restoration Council celebrated 53rd anniversary of Mon National Day in Fort Wayne, Indiana, USA. There about two hundreds people from various nationalities including Laotian, Vietnamese, American and Burmese joined the celebration. The celebration was started at 3:00 P.M at local time and ended with colorful Mon dance  and music at 6:00 p.m. Click here for statement

Photos: Mon Traditional dances

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Commemorating 243rd anniversary of the Destruction of Mon Kingdom, Pegu

Remember! Never Again!!

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5/22/2000--MRC members staged a demonstration in front of Burmese Embassy in Washington DC to commemorate the 243rd anniversary of the Destruction of Mon Kingdom, Pegu.  Two hundreds and forty three years ago, Burman King U Aung Zeya invaded and destroyed Mon kingdom, Pegu by killing thousands of women, children, and Buddhist monks. Thus, on this tragic day, we, MRC members, called the current military regime to stop human rights abuses in Monland.

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Mon Family Reunion

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7/4/2000-- MRC sponsored a Mon Reunion party at Fort Wayne, Indiana. Mons in the U.S gathered once a year to reunite with their friends and families in the U.S.


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Burma Night for Democracy

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5/6/2000--MRC joined hand with local labor union and other Burmese democratic groups  and held a Burma Night to raise fund for refugees in the Thailand-border.

Photo: Three Mon girls are performing Mon national dance.