The 8th Conference of Monland Restoration Council





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December 25 and 26, 2001.

The 8th anniversary of MRC conference was  held on December 25 and 26, 2001 in Fort Wayne, Indiana,USA. In the conference, MRC reviewed its activities of year 2001 and discussed its future works and activities. The conference also widely discussed  and condemned  human rights abuses by Burmese military regime in Monland. On the second day of the conference, MRC dissolved its former Central Committee (CC) members and elected new fifteen CC   members. Of these 15 members, Nai Pon Nya Mon was re-elected as the Chairman and Nai Ong Htow Mon elected as Secretary General.


Celebrating the 54th Anniversary of Mon National Day


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   On February 10, 2001, MRC celebrated the 54th anniversary of Mon National in Fort Wayne, Indiana Representatives from local Burmese and American groups were also invited. Hundreds people from different ethnic groups including Americans joined the celebration. The picture (bottom) shows Mr. Gilbert, from Welfare Department of Fort Wayne, Indiana, gave a speech at the celebration. The celebration ended with colorful national dances (top picture). MRC also issued a joint-statement to call the Burmese military regime to end human rights violation in Monland. See the statement here.





















































































































































































The 244th Anniversary of the Destruction of Mon Kingdom Hongsawatoi

Remember! Never Again!


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On May 13 ,2001, MRC held a memorial ceremony to commemorate the 244th anniversary of the Falling Day of Mon Kingdom, Hongsawatoi at Mon Buddhist Temple in Fort Wayne, Indiana. At the ceremony, members of MRC saluted Mon leaders and comrades who gave their lives for Mon struggles. Two hundreds and forty two years ago, Burman king U Aung Ze Ya (Alaung phya) invaded Mon independent kingdom and killed thousands of Mon women, children, and monks. Thousands of them fled to Thailand.  On this memorial day, MRC strongly condemns  Burmese military regime (SPDC/SLORC) by using King Alaung Phaya's ethnic cleansing policy to eliminate non-Burman ethnic nationalities in Burma



        Mon Literacy Training in Fort Wayne, Indiana


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            Every Summer, MRC opened Mon literacy training at the Mon Buddhist Temple in Fort Wayne, Indiana  to teach Mon literature to Mon children in the U.S.   However, anyone who is interested in to study  Mon literature  is welcomed to enroll. There about 70 students including children and adults enrolled the Mon literacy training in 2001. Most of them are Mon.




Bi-Annual Meeting of Monland Restoration Council (2001)


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The 10th Anniversary of Aung San Suu Kyi receiving Nobel Peace Prize

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Photo: Nai Sa Aa,  a MRC representative is giving speech.

On December 10, 2001, MRC joined hand with other Burmese groups in Fort Wayne, held a ceremony to honor 10th anniversary of  Daw Aung San Suu Kyi wining Nobel Peace Prize and support her political stand.   Different Burmese democratic groups attended the ceremony.