The 10th Conference of Monland Restoration Council






Photo: MRC's CC members. Front row from the left, Nai Mon Chai, Nai Hong Sa, Nai Cheem Jit, Nai Pon Nya Mon, Nai Thet Lwin, Nai Mon Jit. Back row from the left, Nai Seik, Nai Htaw Oo, Nai Kao Chan, Nai Mon Cho, Nai Bamoin Baloi, Nai Ong Htaw Mon, and Nai Kon Yekha. 

                 December 25 and 26, 2003--The 10th anniversary of MRC conference was  held on December 26 and 27, 2003 in Fort Wayne, Indiana, USA. The conference reviewed MRC's activities in 2003 and discussed its future works. The conference also widely discussed political development in Burma.  On the second day of the conference, MRC dissolved its former Central Committee (CC) members and elected thirteen CC  members. Of these 13 members, Nai Pon Nya Mon was re-elected as the Chairman and Nai Ong Htow Mon was elected as Secretary  General. Since the Mon Women's Organization of America (WMOA) was formed under the Women Affairs Committee of MRC, two representatives of WMOA are granted to serve on the MRC's  Central Committee.

Note: Nai Ong Htaw Mon resigned from the Secretary General on February 24, 2004. Nai Mon Jit who was then Join-Secretary, promoted to the Secretary General of MRC. 




(Kao Wao: January 3, 2004)

Fortwayne, IN -- The 10th annual conference of Monland Restoration Council (MRC) was successfully held in Fort Wayne, Indiana.

According to the MRC source, activities and financial reports of year 2003 were evaluated and new leaders were elected by secret votes. The conference reelected Pon Nya Mon as Chairman and Rev. Dhamma Deanna as Patron member. Ong Htow Mon was elected as Secretary General while Kun Yekhha and Nai Thet Lwin were selected to lead Information Committee and Literature and Culture Committee.

The MRC has become the biggest Mon community in the overseas and built a Buddhist temple in Indiana after many refugees migrated to the USA from the safe camp in Thailand. 

The Mon Women Organization of USA was recently formed at the Mon Buddhist temple last month. Over 200 Mons are now residing in Fort Wayne and more than 80 have settled in other states in the USA.


Celebrating the 56th Anniversary of Mon National Day 



         On February 10, 2003, MRC celebrated the 56th anniversary of Mon National in Fort Wayne, Indiana. Hundreds of people from different ethnic groups including Americans joined the celebration.  The celebration ended with colorful national dances  (picture).  MRC also issued a joint-statement to call the Burmese military regime to withdraw its troops from Monland and to initiate tripartite dialogue in Burma. See the statement here. Celebration Mon National Day  is illegal in Burma. 













































































































































The 246th Anniversary of the Destruction of Mon Kingdom Hongsawatoi

Remember! Never Again!


           On May 23, 2003, MRC held a memorial ceremony to commemorate the 246th anniversary of the Falling Day of Mon Kingdom, Hongsawatoi at the Mon Buddhist Temple in Fort Wayne, Indiana. At the ceremony, members of MRC saluted Mon leaders and comrades who gave their lives for Mon struggles. Two hundreds and forty six years ago, Burman king U Aung Ze Ya (Alaung phya) invaded independent Mon kingdom and murdered  thousands of Mon women, children, and monks.  Thousands more fled to Thailand.  This murder was equivalent to genocide in modern time. On this memorial day, MRC issued a joint-statement and strongly condemns  Burmese military regime (SPDC/SLORC) for its violation of the human rights in Monland. 



        Mon Literacy Training in Fort Wayne, Indiana (2003)




            Every Summer, MRC opened Mon literacy training at the Mon Buddhist Temple in Fort Wayne, Indiana  to teach Mon literature to Mon children and adults in the U.S. There were about 70 students enrolled the class. The training also open to any nationalities who are interested in studying Mon literature  and language. Although Mon literature freely teach in the U.S, it is illegal to teach in Burma.  In 2003, many Mon literacy training schools in Burma were shut down and teachers were arrested and put in jail.  The picture shows the graduation ceremony of Mon literacy training at the Mon Buddhist Temple in Fort Wayne, Indiana.   





Mon Women Organization of America


Photo: CC members of WMOA

On November 16, 2003, the women-wing of MRC formed the Mon Women's Organization of America. About fifty women joined the new organization. Women affairs has been run under the MRC's  Mon Women's Affairs Committee for many years. Since the activities of the committee have increased, MRC extended the committee to an independent organization. However, MRC is still the mother organization of WMOA. Most members of WMOA are still members of MRC. MRC also granted two WMOA representatives to serve on the MRC's Central Committee. WMOA elected Mi Jarai Mon as the Chairperson, Mi Myint Aye as Vice Chairperson and Mi Lavi Nyant as Secretary General. The objective of WMOA is to promote women rights and gender equality in Burma. 






The 14th Anniversary of General Uprising in Burma



Photo 1: MRC patron, Ven. Dhamma is giving a speech in front of a crowd 

Photo 2: Nai Kon Yekha, a Central Committee members of MRC is giving a speech.

Photo 3: A group of MRC members are holding Mon National flag and staging demonstration in front of UN headquarters. 

   August 8, 2003--MRC joined hand with other Burmese organizations including NCGUB to commemorate the 14th anniversary of general uprising by staging a protest in front of the UN Headquarter in New York. Fourteen years ago on August 8, 1988, thousands of students, monks, workers, and teachers marched on the street and demanded democracy in Burma. However, on September 18, 1988, the military took power and killed thousands of demonstrators and thousands more fled to neighboring countries. 



Protesting on Depayin Incident



     On June, 2003, MRC joined hand with other Burmese groups to hold a demonstration in front of Ft Wayne Courthouse to commemorate the first annual Depayin killing incident . On May 30, 2003, a group of Burmese military regime supporters ambushed Aung San Suu Kyi and her supporters at Depayin in Upper Burma by killing dozens of NLD members and wounded hundred more. The picture shows Mon children are hanging posters on their necks as "Take Action Against Burma Like Iraq".



Road Map for Democracy Conference



              On October 11-12, 2003, MRC and other Mon representatives from Canada and Thailand attended the Road Map for Democracy in Burma in Fort Wayne, Indiana. About 20 Mon representatives from ten different organizations attended the conference.  Photo: (top and Bottom) Mon Representatives at the conference. (Middle) Mon representatives are preparing for the conference at the Mon Buddhist Temple in the U.S. before attending the conference. Totally, about 300 representatives around the world attended the conference.