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Background and Objectives of Mon Kingdom Hongsawatoi Fallen Day/Holocaust Memorial Day of the Mon People

Among the present inhabitants of Burma today, the Mon are the oldest. They arrived in Burma as early as 2500 B.C. The Mon people had established their own sovereign kingdoms and enjoyed freedom and prosperity for so many centuries. However, because of successive Burman rulers aggressive policies toward the Mon, Mon kingdoms were invaded and occupied by Burman many times.

The last occupation of Mon Kingdom by Burman was Hongsawatoi or Pegu, which covered the whole of today's Lower Burma . It was occupied by Burman King, Aung Zay Ya (Alaung Phaya) on the 8th waning day of the second month of the year 1110 of the Mon/Burmese lunar calendar (Christian Era 1757). This occupation became the most cruel military occupations in Burmese history because it was not only conquering the land of the Mon but also attempted to exterminate Mon people. After the annexation of the kingdom, the blood-thirsty Burman king, Aung Zay Ya, cold-bloodily exterminated hundreds of thousands of non-combatant innocent Mon people. In the capital city of Hongsawatoi alone, more than 7000 pregnant women, 6000 infant, and 5000 children were brutally massacred. Most of them were forced in several stockades and burnt them alive. Over 3000 Mon Buddhist monks were also executed in various most cruel methods, including the forced trampling by elephants. The extermination of the Mon people by the Burman king was tantamount to the destruction of Jews by the Nazis during the Second World War. The escape the genocidal operations of the Burman king, hundreds of thousands of the then populace fled into neighboring Siam ( Thailand ) for asylum. Since the fall of the last kingdom,  Mon people have been left without a country through the present time. Moreover, successive Burman governments or rulers continue to carry on policy of extermination of race in Burma  by banning teaching Mon language and literature and  practicing  Mon culture.

Therefore, we mark the Hongsawatoi fallen day as the Holocaust Memorial Day of Mon People in order:

1. To remember the lost of the last Mon sovereign kingdom, Hongsawatoi and raise awareness that the Mons once were independent nation;

2. To remember the victims of genocide committed by Aung Zay Ya;

3. To raise awareness of genocide, ethnic cleansing, and all forms of human rights violations in Burma .

4. To promote freedom and justice and to end all forms of discriminations and prejudices against the Mon and the ethnic nationalities in Burma .

Monland Restoration Council

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