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Mon History & People

The  day before the fall of Hongsawatoi on 8 May 1757

Discovery of ancient town of Mon King

The wall of old Mon Kingdom, Thaton

First Printing Press in Monland

List of Mon Kings Thaton (Savornnabumi)

List of Mon Kings Hongsawatoi

Phara Pathom Mon inscription in 6th Century

Four periods of Mon Vowels Writing Style

Four Periods of Mon Consonants Writing Style

Periods and Location of Using Mon Language

Burma’s Ex-Insurgents: The Mon Ceasefire and Political Transition

by Ashley South

Mons in Thailand

The Early History of the Mon

Searching for Mon Land

The Thai Monarchs and the Mon

Mon Community (Baan Wangka)

Holy Legend

Outline of religious persecution in Monland 1744 to 1760

The Forgotten People

Yangon "The end of Strife": Mon and Burman War

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Mon People

Mon Kingdom

Mon State

Mon Culture and Arts during Mon Kingdom Dvaravati